Desk Screens

Desk Screens

Below are our ranges of desktop screens for office based workplaces. These simply fit onto a desktop to help shut away peoples noises and distractions around you, making you more productive and less worried about what other people are up to. 

These are available in a choice of fabric colours such as red, blue, green, yellow, grey and brown, with a variety of different widths depending on the sizes of your desks. The thickness of these desktop screens we do allow them to still do their job whilst also looking sleek and stylish. 

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Office Desk Protective Screens

Highly aesthetic standard office desk screens with radius corners, non-intrusive, durable, non-porou..

£93.87 inc VAT: £112.64

Tall Counter Top Protective Screen

This Protective Counter Screen helps reduce the spread of infection through coughing and sneezing. I..

£44.95 inc VAT: £53.94

Vibe Desktop Screens for Desks

Vibe is a new range of made-to-order, designer office screens, available in a multitude of fabric co..

£91.75 inc VAT: £110.10

Wide Counter Top Protective Screen

These Table Top Screens have been created to protect people by segregating sections of tables in sea..

£69.50 inc VAT: £83.40